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What is a Powderette?

A Powderette is a patented applicator that makes it possible to pierce capsules and intake the content finely dosed by oral suction. The Powderette is made out of a food-safe and petroleum-free biopolymere and bio-degradable. Further information:

Which ingredients are contained in Chocaps?

Erythritol, cocoa, isomalt, xanthan gum, vanilla flavor

What is NOT contained?

Nicotine, sugar, gluten, lactose, preservatives, artificial sweeteners

What happens if I inhale the powder?

You should not try to inhale the powder, for this might cause a tickle in the throat. In the case that powder unintentionally got into your airway, stay calm it is harmless. All ingredients are water-soluble and will be metabolized. The chocolate powder in Chocaps is not meant to be inhaled but to let melt on the tongue and swallow with relish.

How long should I use Chocaps?

Empirically the first two weeks after quitting smoking are the hardest. We recommend, at least in this period, to have Chocaps with you to distract yourself from the craving for cigarettes.

How long does one Chocaps capsule last?

One capsule offers approximately 10-12 puffs of chocolate pleasure. If you enjoy Chocaps relaxedly that will be up to 5 minutes - like the length of a smoke break.

Why are Chocaps basically calorie-free?

Chocaps are sugarfree and sweetened with erythritol, which is naturally made by the fermentation of glucose. Chocaps are suitable for diabetics and have a low glycemic index. The cocoa in Chocaps adds a calorific value of only 1 kcal per capsule. So Chocaps are despite that amazing chocolate taste basically calorie-free.

How is cocoa making you happy?

Cocoa is known to contain a variety of approx. 300 different substances beneficial to health. The most important are: Anandamide, arginine, epicatechin (anti-oxidant), theobromine, histamine, magnesium, tryptophane (percursor to serotonine), phenylethylamine (PEA), polyphenoles (anti-oxidant), tyramine and salsolinol as well as flavonoides.

In human beings theobromine and tryptophane can have a mood enhancing effect. Source: Wikipedia

Go ahead and try Chocaps today!

A conscious behavioural change is the basis to succeed in quitting smoking. In my opinion Chocaps can actually help to support a behavioural change.
Sylvia Hartl, MD

Since I use Chocaps it is easy for me not to smoke anymore. I love when my fingers smell like chocolate instead of stinking like smoke.
Rebekka Hausner

Since I stopped smoking, I ate more chocolate and other sweets. With Chocaps I try to eat less chocolate and gain back control over my weight.
Martin Wallmann

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